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Don’t miss out on the GREAT events that RMDS has planned this year. Make sure to renew your membership now. A full membership (for those of us that like to show) is only $70. An Educational membership is only $45 (for those that only want educational opportunities). Join now and don’t miss out!

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Opening date for advertising with our 2020 RMDS publications is October 15th.  Tabs in the Omnibus go fast and are a great way to reach all of our membership easily. There are many other ways you can get exposure for your barn, business, trainer, stallions and oh so much more with RMDS. Check out the marketing packet and see what RMDS can do for you.

2020 Advertising Rates & Contract for RMDS Publications

RMDS is Looking for Dressage Photos

RMDS is looking for high quality dressage photos for use around the website, in advertising materials and for other purposes. If you would like to be featured in RMDS advertisement, please send your photos, along with a photo release waiver, to marketingrmds@gmail.com.


Advertise with RMDS!

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RMDS is a USDF Group Member Organization. Formed in 1971 and incorporated in 1977, RMDS supports the sport of dressage in the Rocky Mountain region with chapters in Colorado and Wyoming.

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RMDS is having a new database built and website designed. Our current database is over 30 years old and needs to be revamped in order for our organization to move forward.
So... we are doing some fundraising!
Make your tax-deductible donation for 2019! RMDS is a 501(c)3.
We are building a Byte Barn! Donate a Brick Byte:
$50 donation = 1 Byte
$250 donation = 1 Megabyte
$500 donation = 1 Gigabyte
$1000 donation = 1 Terabyte

Many thanks to our current Build a Byte Barn Sponsors!
High Plains Dressage - 3 Terabytes, 1 Megabyte & 1 Byte
Boulder Valley Dressage Association - 2 Terabytes
Pikes Peak Dressage Society - 1 Terabyte
Anne Sushko - 1 Terabyte
Heather Petersen - 1 Terabyte
Susan Bucknam - 1 Terabyte
Grand Valley Dressage Society - 1 Terabyte
Janet Foy - 1 Gigabyte
Arkansas Valley Dressage - 1 Gigabyte
Peter Soos - 1 Gigabyte
Western Colorado Chapter - 1 Gigabyte & 1 Megabyte
MaryJo Hoepner - 1 Megabyte
Joan Clay - 1 Megabyte
Beth Nicholson - 1 Megabyte
Shannon Lemons - 1 Megabyte
Dandy Duct Cleaning - 1 Megabyte
Karen Harkin - 4 Bytes
Laurel Peters - 3 Bytes
In Memory of Beverly Swanson by High Plains Chapter - 3 Bytes
Sharon and Peter Soos - 2 Bytes
Beth Geier - 2 Bytes
Jennifer Knapp - 2 Bytes
Ann Mahoney - 2 Bytes
Judi DeVore - 2 Bytes
Karen Hersh - 2 Bytes
Kim Boyd - 2 Bytes
Lisa Battan - 2 Bytes
Judith Nowlin - 2 Bytes
Gwen Ka'awaloa/Kaimana Farms - 2 Bytes
Betsy Small - 2 Bytes
Katherine Simard - 2 Bytes
Meg Osman - 1.5 Bytes
Candice Christopher - 1 Byte
Seeley Equestrian Ventures - 1 Byte
Beth Nicholson - 1 Byte
Amy Jablonovsky - 1 Byte
Simone Windeler - 1 Byte
Lynn Roberts - 1 Byte
Jana Ward - 1 Byte
In Memory of Beverly Swanson - 1 Byte

The Mortar that holds the 'Byte's' together:
Kirsten Johnstone
Wendy Clough
Nancy Ross
Anne Lowatchie
Anne Campbell
Yvette Karriker
Christine Croom
Susan Martin
Yvette Karriker
Kellee James
Kristina Lee
Susan DeSylvia
Shirley Christensen
Cici Lee
Mary Lynne Munn
Susan Bucknam
Nancy Reilly
Carol Kennedy
Joie Williams


September 30, 2019 @ 6:24 PM

2019 Championship Sponsors

We want to give a huge Thank You to all of our 2019 Championship sponsors. The show would not be possible without you. We will be updating our site very soon with Championship Sponsor information.

March 1, 2016 @ 9:52 AM

Educational Membership

RMDS Offers an Educational membership for those that would like to participate in educational opportunities without competing throughout the year. This educational membership offers a discounted price at $45 per year. Click here to join RMDS or see membership options.


February 29, 2016 @ 3:00 AM

About RMDS

RMDS is a USDF Group Member Organization (GMO). Formed in 1971 and incorporated in 1977, RMDS supports the sport of dressage in the Rocky Mountain region with chapters in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah. All RMDS members are automatically USDF Group Members.


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