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USDF Musical Freestyle - Gold Bar

Four scores of 65% or higher, two at Intermediare I and two from Grand Prix.

Andrea Doelling (1-dec-2009)

Shannon Dahmer (oct-2001)

Maureen Sterling (30-sep-2018)

Susan Traylor (28-aug-2018)

Kristi Wysocki (12-sep-2012)

USDF Musical Freestyle - Silver Bar

Four scores of 65% or higher at Fourth Level.

Shannon Dahmer (sep-2002)

Andrea Doelling (8-jul-2009)

David MacMillan (aug-2007)

KC Parkins-Kyle (2-feb-2009)

Karen Perkins (sep-2002)

Maureen Sterling (sept-2016)

Malva Tarasewicz (30-sep-2011)

Jennifer Weber (27-sep-2016)

Christa Elaine Wood (may-2009)

USDF Musical Freestyle - Bronze Bar

Six scores of 65% or higher, two scores from First, Second and Third Level.

Taryn Anderson (17-aug-2017)

Shannon Dahmer (oct-2001)

Verena Diaz (feb-2007)

Jackson Freismuth (sep-2007)

Anne MacGuire (2008)

Karen Perkins (sep-2002)

Malva Tarasewicz (sep-2009)

Patti Thurman (2006)

Christa Elaine Wood (mar-2009)

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